Our commitment to you is a process, with you and your family or business, in the center. All of our relationships are built with the following framework, so everyone is equally engaged.

Introductory Meeting – A time for us to learn about one another, set expectations, and understand the common goal, as well as the starting point of the relationship.

Shaping Your Vision – A time for us to understand your present financial position and what you would like to build towards. A time to answer the question, “what does the ideal situation look like for you?’. Defining these goals and objectives sets the benchmark for what we need to design for you.

Understanding the Plan – In light of the information you shared and our planning process, we will identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. In that way, we understand what needs to be done but also, and equally as important, what needs to be avoided.

Delivering the Recommendations – Once both you and your advisor have agreed upon the vision, we deliver financial recommendations with the intent to capitalize on the opportunities and strive to avoid the common financial pitfalls.

Taking the Journey – The delivery of a strategy and recommendations may seem like the end but in reality, it is the very beginning. Our life-long relationships begin in this final step as our greatest value added is assisting you through all, both good and bad, that is to come.